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Common Use Warehouses and Refrigeration

True to our mission, we offer the same quality services in the field of storage spaces, through the Crevedia Logistic Park project.

Warehouses Type 1

Common Use Warehouses

The defining characteristic of these warehouses is their semi-elliptical form – a first in Romania. They are built of precurved “T” metal profiles. the coating is made of cut sheet and the thermal insulation is made with 100 mm thick mineral wool. The finish of the floor is made with quartz sand. Their dimensions are: L = 66m, W = 15m, H = 5.5m

Each warehouse is equipped with:

15m2 office

220V/380V electric current

two pedestrian / TIR access routes (4m/4.5m)

two hydrants and two automatic smoke and hot gas exhaust hatches

Warehouses Type 2

Common Use Warehouses

These are class A warehouses, with a usable area of 2330 square meters suitable for storing food and non-food products, for which a controlled temperature is not required, for production or for providing services.

Type 2 warehouses are part of the second phase of development of the logistics park, which is currently underway.

The area of 2330 square meters is divided into 2000 square meters of storage or production space and 330 square meters of offices.

The dimensions are 50 m long by 40 m wide, with a height at the ridge of 9.60 m and at the eaves of 7 m.

The closures are made with sandwich panels, as is the roof, which is equipped with skylights and smoke and hot gas exhaust hatches.

It is important to mention that the storage space has only one row of supporting pillars in the middle, that there are 4 access roads – 2 TIR and 2 pedestrian – located on the gables, the electricity is single-phase and three-phase, alarm and fire extinguishing system, air conditioning both in the office area and in the storage/production area.

Frigorifer 1 and Frigorifer 2

Refrigeration Warehouses

They have a total useful storage area of 1134 m2, divided into 18 rooms of 63 m2 each. The rooms are energy independent, fully automated and computer-supervised by a refrigerator technician.

Constructively, they are made of masonry, thermally insulated with 140 mm thick polyurethane panels, with partition walls of 80 mm and doors of 110 mm. The floor is sandwich type, comprising two reinforced concrete slabs, double antifreeze resistance, 20 cm of extruded polystyrene. The finish is made of polyurethane resins in accordance with EU rules in the field.

The insured temperature is adjustable to -20ᴼC.


4 warehouses have been completed

3 warehouses are already rented

The 4th is available

2 warehouses are in the construction permit phase

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